Transmedia Production Company

After I started working on the website and I was gathering information about the studio, I was intrigued by a term I heard from one of the Autobotika members, so I ask.

What is a transmedia production company?

This is so far what I understood, I’ll update this document as I have a better understanding. One Thing that I can tell you now is this, after having this conversation I understood something about what I felt when I entered the studio, something felt different from other “Creative Spaces” I entered in the past. I understood that all the members live and work by different principles here, by a bigger idea. Yes, of course at the end of the day they have to produce results like any other studio but how you get there is what makes the difference by the people involve in the process, and it was nice to be in that space.

Transmedia, was coined after the Term Transmedia storytelling wish is “the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. It is not to be confused with traditional cross-platform media franchises, sequels or adaptations”. A practical example of this can be observed by the current world we live in. Current and future are gonna be involved more and more in social media and multiple devices, the way people receive information is broader and the experience should be flawless across all platforms. A switch between vertical delivery and a more horizontal approach. This understanding must be consider from the inception of the project and it has to be handle be the right teams to be effectively produce. This is where a studio like Autobotika plays a big role, at the top level they have the human power to work and understand this horizontal approach, they don’t just have a great designer, or an amazing VFX specialist, all their members understand this mobility and can manipulate multiple platforms. So in short, as far as I understand it now, been a Transmedia Production Company, is been ready for todays world, having the tools need it to produce the work, and a sophisticated group of people that power and breath the creative process of the future.

Stay tune, send your comments, questions, hate or love